Makeup Shopper

Your beauty essentials. Your small treasure.

silhouette of attractive sophisticated caucasian woman in black dress hat as she holds shopping bags

Always there for you, ready to transform you when you feel like it.


But sometimes, this is not enough. Wrong or expired products or the need to update tired looks can be the beginning of a whole new beauty experience!


Join us for an inspiring and fun, makeup shopping session where you will be introduced to some of the best products that truly match your skin type and get the right shades for all the products you need. With our expert advice at hand you can now enjoy great beauty purchases, discounts on selected brands and most importantly, a small treasure to be proud of!


Payment Terms and Conditions:

A one-hour deposit is required for this service to secure your booking. Full refund if cancellation notice is given 2 working days prior to the shopping session. Deposit fee is AED 150. Please pay using the PayPal button below which is our preferred payment method or by bank transfer.