Private lessons

This is the most versatile and flexible way to explore the secrets of beauty! Based in a relaxed setting you will enjoy all the benefits of a customised session where the learning criteria are set upon your own knowledge and pace. Based on your unique requirements we will show you what is perfect for you and how to achieve the looks that suit you best based on your personality, your lifestyle, your skin tones and shapes. You will become familiar with professional tricks and techniques and you w

ill feel confident to use them yourself and apply them easily as part of your daily routine. No more frustration and confusion about what products to use or how to use them!

What will be covered:

  • Hygiene tips, essential tools and maintenance

  • Skin care and preparation techniques for long lasting application

  • Existing makeup kit advice – show us what you have and we will tell you what to keep or what to get

  • Makeup application techniques based on your level of expertise

  • Correction techniques

  • Personalised advice on suitable colours and styles based on your skin type and face shape

  • Demonstration of two different looks from start to finish: a. flawless, natural day look, b. demo of the ever so popular smokey eye look. Additionally, we can show you any other styles you wish to know about

  • Eye shadow, false eye lashes, liquid liner and lip colour application techniques

  • Highlighting, contouring and the use of bronzer

  • Personalized guidance and advice on beauty products for future use

What to expect:

  • Customised brand and product guidance and awareness

  • Essential knowledge on basic makeup skills from a pro aspect

  • Access on pro makeup and tools

  • Hands-on practice and guidance

  • Lesson notes sent by email for personal reference

  • Ongoing support – we are always here for you, especially after the completion of our workshops!

Essential tools:

  • Notepad, pen/pencil

  • Basic makeup brush set (alternatively, a basic makeup brush set is available to purchase for AED 50)

  • Any makeup you may have (eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks etc.)

The duration of private lessons is 3 hours. During this time you will get hands-on experience, as you will practice everything you will be learning on yourself, under our expert guidance. Makeup products and tools are available to use during the lesson. A minimum of 2 participants can be accommodated. We offer 50% discount to the second participant. Even though our lessons are structured as above, they are not restricted to that structure as they are fully customisable to suit your own requirements.

Gift vouchers available.


Payment Terms and Conditions:

A 50% deposit is required in order to secure your booking. Remaining 50% payable on the day of the lesson. Full refund if cancellation notice is given 2 working days prior to the lesson. Deposit fee is AED 350. Please pay using the PayPal button below which is our preferred payment method or by bank transfer.