STEP 1 Skin Equalizer” by MAKE UP FOR EVER

New product showcase event, “STEP 1 Skin Equalizer” by MAKE UP FOR EVER

Last week we were invited to attend the #makeup event by MAKE UP FOR EVER revealing their new range of four #primers, STEP 1 Skin Equalizer.  This brand new range is made to adapt to the requirements of the Ultra HD television (UHDTV), also known as 4K, which has four times as many pixels overall as the standard HD cameras.  UHDTV is gradually gaining popularity amongst the consumers as more content is becoming available and more companies are adopting them as their standards such as YouTube and the wider television industry.

As the details of an image are becoming even more detailed, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new primers cater for different skin types as well as skin issues helping us to achieve a flawless even-textured skin with no excessive makeup for a revived makeup and glow.  Resident Educator for MAKE UP FOR EVER Sam Boutros demonstrated on four models the different results using the appropriate primers with and without foundations.  We were amazed by the results! Here are the details:

1) Mattifying Base: for shine control

2) Smoothing Base: perfect as a filler, works great on fine lines and as a pore minimizer, perfect for mature skin.

3) Hydrating Base: for dry skin

4) Nourishing Base: nourishes and rejuvenates skin to eliminate signs of fatigue and for optimum results

But what about the inside? The whole range is a core of active ingredients that act on elasticity, hydration and cell renewal:

  • Acti Tensor 3D: a complex of sugars that redesigns the skin’s texture to blur imperfections and lift the facial contours.

  • Regeactive: a vegetable-based sugar that boosts cellular renewal and regenerates the upper levels of the epidermis for an even texture.

  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: prevents unnecessary water loss

We love using these clever, universal primers that can be used alone or mixed! Thanks to them, skin issues are tackled from the inside and as a result foundation and concealer can be kept to a minimum with no need for touch ups, resulting in a fresh, smooth and radiant complexion!