The Twosome, Season 2 – Zee TV

One of the best aspects of what we do is meeting amazing people that change our lives forever. When this is matched with top projects the results are just out of this world and our fulfillment is unparalleled. This is exactly what happened when we were asked to work with The Twosome production team for the filming of The Twosome, Season 2. This wonderful team was led by Rohan Vanmala, owner of RSVP Productions and one of the two lovely anchors of the show. Gorgeous Trisha Verma, also the winner of the Miss India/UAE beauty contest for 2014, was co-anchor for this top culinary show.

Our job was to do the hair and makeup for the two presenters. The hours were long and the days were many but the strong, positive energy between the team, the exciting filming locations and the special food we got to enjoy made this experience more than worth it. It is rare that we come across such happy, beautiful people and such close, friendly teams who are always ready to help and support one another at all times.

As the episodes were quite a few – 13 to be precise, creating a new look every day for Trisha was fun and we loved getting creative! No look was the same and we got the chance to play with many colours and styles.

The restaurants that were involved for the